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Survey: 40% of Colleges Haven’t Investigated a Sexual Assault in 5 Years

A new survey conducted by a bipartisan congressional group has found that 40 percent of American colleges and universities reported that they have not conducted an investigation into a single sexual assault case in five years. Considering that it is estimated that 20 percent of female college students are the victims of sexual assault, this is very troubling news. Sen. Claire McCaskill—whose office oversaw the study—told CBS News, “On first blush, a parent would think that’s good, they don’t have a problem with sexual assault on their campus, but it’s not good, it’s very bad because that means they are either in denial or incompetent.” The Education Department is currently investigating how more than 50 colleges handled—or mishandled—reports of assaults on campus. McCaskill’s team is also looking into new forms of legislation that would equip victims and help colleges communication with local law enforcement more effectively …

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