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The Teen at the Center of the Maryville Rape Case Has Attempted Suicide

There’s been a heartbreaking new development in the Maryville rape case. Daisy Coleman, the teenager who says she was raped along with her young friend by two classmates, has been hospitalized after attempting suicide. In Jan. 2012, Daisy and her mother say that after attending a party and consuming alcohol, she and a friend were raped by two classmates while a third teen filmed the crime. Later that evening, the boys left her unconscious in freezing temperatures on her front lawn. Charges against the rapists—who were from well-connected families in Maryville—were soon dropped, and Daisy’s family was subjected to so much online bullying and harassment that they were essentially run out of town. After Anonymous exposed more information about the case and it eventually gained national attention, prosecutors have reopened the investigation into her alleged attackers. According to a local news station, Daisy is now in stable condition after the attempted drug overdose, but it may have caused brain damage …

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