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The Terrifying Monument to Satan that May Soon Be on Display at the Oklahoma Statehouse

The Satanic Temple behind a campaign to erect a monument to Satan next to the Ten Commandments sculpture at the Oklahoma Statehouse recently gave Vice an up-close look at the work in progress. And it is terrifying. An Indiegogo campaign to fund the devilish statue was so popular that it raised nearly $30,000—enough for the Satanic Temple to hire a classically trained sculptor to craft the insane looking creation. Even though the bronze statue, which will stand seven feet tall, will be finished within the next few weeks, it’s unclear when it will actually go on display in Oklahoma.

Obviously, the statue is more about proving a point about religious equality than serving as an actual tribute to the diabolical Prince of Darkness. Nevertheless, some Oklahoma lawmakers are not too keen on strolling by a Satan statue on a daily basis in their way into work and are attempting to prevent it from being placed next to their Ten Commandments monument. Until an ACLU lawsuit is decided, the statue’s fate is unknown. Don’t worry though, according to Vice, the Temple is creating a mold so that just in case Oklahomans who aren’t fans of their oh-so-subtle ode to Baphomet decide to vandalize it, another can be easily reproduced to replace it …

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