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Texas Abortion Bill Dies After Chaotic Filibuster

Last week, the Texas House of Representatives passed a bill that would ban most abortions in the state after the 20th week of pregnancy. Many doctors believe that is the point in which it is possible for the developing baby to feel pain. The bill is one of the strictest in the nation. And though the Texas Senate had secured a majority of Republican votes to pass the bill and have Gov. Rick Perry sign it into law, they couldn’t prevent a marathon filibuster that lasted for 10 straight hours. Yesterday, Sen. Wendy Davis stood and talked about her constituents’ opposition to the legislation in an attempt to run out the legislative clock. She was eventually removed from the microphone for talking about sonograms, which GOP lawmakers considered off topic. But in the chaos that followed her filibuster attempt, which included shouting and chanting from thousands of protestors, the Senate was not able to conduct the vote as the legislative period expired at 3 a.m. Gov. Perry may still ask for another vote on the bill …

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