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The Generational Divide in White Evangelical Beliefs on Same-Sex Marriage Is Striking

A new survey from the Pew Research Center highlights something long believed to be true, but rarely backed up with such stark numbers. There is a large and increasing gap in white evangelical beliefs on same-sex marriage, and that gap is largely drawn along generational lines.

According to the study, nearly half (47 percent) of Generation X and millennial white evangelicals (those born after 1964) support the legalization of gay marriage. Just 26 percent of white evangelicals born before 1967 do. That gap existed 10 years ago, but it was much smaller.

It’s been two years since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, and support has never been higher, according to the Washington Post. Sixty-two percent of Americans support gay marriage, and only 32 percent oppose it. That’s a dramatic jump from 2010, when just under half of Americans supported gay marriage.

As a whole, white evangelicals still largely oppose same sex-marriage. Just 35 percent of white evangelicals overall support same-sex marriage, while 60 percent oppose it.

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