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The Kid Who Asked Wendy’s for Free Chicken Nuggets Now Has the Most Shared Tweet Ever

It’s a modern miracle.

If you’ve been on Twitter during the last month, you or someone(s) you follow has retweeted Carter Wilkerson. He’s the guy who’s made it his social media-mission in life to get free chicken nuggets from Wendy’s for a whole year.

How, you ask? Carter apparently applied the whole “you have not because you ask not” thing and just asked the hamburger chain via Twitter how many times he would need to get retweeted in order to earn a year’s worth of chicken nuggets.

For some reason, Wendy had an answer ready: 18 million. If Carter could get 18 million retweets, they’d supply the nuggets.

At this point, it’s a huge understatement to say Carter’s quest attracted attention. He got a retweet from basically everyone, including huge corporations like Microsoft and Amazon and celebs like Aaron Paul.

Despite all the attention, Carter’s tweet is pretty far short of the 18 million mark. But that doesn’t mean he’s accomplished nothing: His original tweet is now the most retweeted post ever. As in, a teenager asking for free chicken nuggets now has more retweets than Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Oscar selfie.

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Well, that’s good enough for Wendy’s. Carter reportedly got his chicken wish granted (and a $100,000 donation in his name to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption).

Who says social media is all negativity?

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