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There May Be Almost as Many Muslims as Christians in the World by 2050

According to a new report from Pew Research Center, if current trends continue, the number of Muslims around the world may almost equal the number of Christians by 2050. Christianity is still projected to be the largest religion in the world, staying at 31.4 percent of the world’s population despite population growth, but Islam is growing faster, jumping from 23.3 percent of the world’s population in 2010 to 29.7 percent in 2050. Christianity will no longer be the majority religion in several countries, including Australia, the U.K., France, New Zealand and the Netherlands by 2050. The Christian population in the U.S. is set to decline by 12 percent (from 78 percent to 66 percent) in the same time period, while unaffiliated are expected to rise 10 percent (from 16 percent to 26 percent). You can go here to read the whole report …

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