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There’s a Generous Twitter Copycat Also Hiding Money for Random People to Find

It looks like the person behind @HiddenCash has inspired more scavenger hunt-style generosity. A new, similar Twitter account, @IHidTheCash, recently popped up, and is responsible for hidden envelopes of money around the Washington DC area. A local news reporter in DC confirmed the campaign was legit after finding $25 and a note instructing them to buy a cup of coffee for themselves and someone in need.

Last week, a mystery real estate mogul in San Francisco launched the @HiddenCash account as a way of covertly giving back to his fellow California residents. In their Twitter bio, the copycat account @IHidTheCash explains, “I won a HUGE amount of money. Inspired by SF philanthropist, I just want to see people 🙂 Follow clues to find hidden cash. Do good with the money!” To any other super rich people reading this out there: Please feel free to copy this idea in your own city …

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