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A Top Leader of the Syrian Rebellion Has Quit

One of the top leaders in the Syrian uprising against President Bashar al-Assad has quit the fight. Citing disunity, the interference of warlords and a lack of support from the international community, in a video statement Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi announced his official resignation from the conflict following another loss on the battlefield. According to The Telegraph, Colonel al-Okaidi was “one of the most senior Syrian rebel commanders to be backed by Britain and the United States.” In his statement, the rebel leader said that factions within the movement have become more focused on “racing each other for power and for your kingdoms” than standing together in their fight against Assad’s forces. The civil war in the country, which has now been going on for more than two and a half years, has killed more than 120,000 people in the country and created nearly 2 million refugees

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