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Is Troy University’s ‘Christian Dorm’ a Good Idea?

Helpful haven or preferential treatment? That’s what people want to know about Troy University, and their implementation of a new dorm that caters to Christians. It offers nightly discussions led by local clergy, features student-led Bible studies and even as biblical-themed art hanging on the walls. “It is not about proselytizing, but about bringing a values-based opportunity to this campus,” Troy’s chancellor, Jack Hawkins Jr. told The New York Times. But others, such as a founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, says it’s blurring the lines between church and state. “We are very concerned about this idea of religious-based dorms. This is very insidious.” The school pushed back, saying they’re not excluding non-Christian students from the dorm, and citing many parents who have called in, thanking them for the option. So, what do you think?

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