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Truly Horrible Letter Written to Family With Autistic Teen

Karla Begley is an Ontario woman whose 13-year-old son, Max, suffers from severe autism. She came home one day to find a really and truly appalling letter taped to her door. You can read an excerpt of it below, and it all get so much worse, if you can even believe it. The letter’s author, who identifies herself as “one p****d off mother,” goes on to suggest that whatever “non retarded” body parts Max has should be given to science and he should be “euthanized.” Click here if you want to read the whole thing, but be warned: it is a deeply unpleasant reading.

In case you needed a reminder that all is not lost, Karla said that the neighborhood has rallied around her and Max, and are all pitching in to find the letter’s author and possibly bring charges against her …

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