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Two-Thirds of Christians Have an Unfavorable View of Islam

A new study from the Barna Group sheds light on the schism between Islam and Christianity, as nearly two-thirds of Evangelical Christians in America are saying they have an “unfavorable view of Islam,” and 39% saying they have a very unfavorable view. More than 52% of Evangelical Christians said that Islam is “essentially a violent religion,” Only about about 7% agnostics and people of no faith, in the meantime, have a very unfavorable view of Islam, and about one-fifth of Evangelicals say they have a favorable view of Islam. Barna also studied how politics affect view of Islam, and found that 50% of political conservatives have an unfavorable view of Islam, as opposed to 22% of political liberals. However, Islam appears to be gaining ground. While 21% of people ages 67 and up say they have a “very unfavorable” view of Islam, only 13% of Millennials feel that way …

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