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U.N. and NGO to International Leaders: Please Help Us Fight the Spread of Ebola

As West Africa’s Ebola outbreak becomes increasingly dire—and the deadly virus continues to spread across several countries—the U.N. and humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders are begging for help. As The New York Times explains, “Senior United Nations officials urged diplomats to cable their capitals to send money, doctors and protective gear to the affected region. The doctors’ group called for countries to send civilian and military biohazard experts.”

At least 1,500 have been killed by the disease, and there have been more than 3,500 confirmed cases. Despite efforts by authorities to help victims and stem the spread, the head of the World Health Organization said “we all underestimated” the magnitude of the “global threat” it presents. The United Nations special envoy for the Ebola crisis underscored the desperate need for more help from the international community, adding, “We understand the outbreak is moving out of our grasp” …

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