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U.N. Report: Atmospheric CO2 Levels Have Increased at a Record Pace

The U.N. World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has released new findings showing that atmospheric CO2 levels rose at alarmingly fast rates in 2013. From The Washington Post: “[The surge] surprised scientists and spurred fears of an accelerated warming of the planet in decades to come.”

According to the story, the record levels of greenhouse gases seem to indicate not, only a rise in emissions from manmade sources (like pollution and car exhaust), but also show “a diminishing ability” of oceans and vegetation to process the CO2. The head of the WMO’s Global Atmospheric Watch program warned, “If the oceans and the biosphere cannot absorb as much carbon, the effect on the atmosphere could be much worse …. The changes we’re seeing are really drastic. We are seeing the growth rate rising exponentially” …

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