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UN Report: Syrian Refugee Children in Dire Need of Help

The UN has released “The Future of Syria: Refugee Children in Crisis”, a report that offers a heartbreaking glimpse at the terrible situation facing Syrian children who live as refugees in neighboring countries. According to the report, there are currently more than 1.1 million refugee children, because of the civil war that has ravaged the country for more than two years. Thousands of those children are separated from both parents, subjected to child labor, have suffered war injuries and face increasingly dire circumstances as food, medical care and education resources are in extremely short supply. As UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said following the release of the report, “If we do not act quickly, a generation of innocents will become lasting casualties of an appalling war.” You can learn more about how to help Syrian refugees through organizations including UNICEF, World Vision, International Orthodox Christian Charities, CARE and others …

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