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The U.N. Says 8 Million People Have Been Affected By the Nepal Earthquake

According to a new report from the U.N., 8 million people have been affected by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal this weekend. That’s a quarter of the country’s entire population. The earthquake has leveled countless structures, and caused massive shortages in food, water and electricity. The U.N. said that currently, 1.4 million residents require food aid, nearly 8,000 are injured and the earthquake has killed at least 4,310—though that number could dramatically increase in the coming days. Tens of thousands are still sleeping outside, as aftershocks continue to effect areas near the heavily-populated city of Kathmandu. Though aid has begun to arrive, even the airport has been dramatically effected, with flights having difficulty getting in and out. Organizations including CARE, WorldVision, The Red Cross and many others are accepting donations to help the people of Nepal …

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