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Urban Outfitters, What On Earth Were You Thinking?

Urban Outfitters, a clothing retailer known for catering to the edgy young and people who wish they were still edgy and/or young, attempted and succeeded at selling a fake blood-splattered “Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt” on its website. The most offensive thing about this sweatshirt is not its $130 price tag—it’s the fact that four Kent State students were shot to death by soldiers while protesting the Vietnam War in 1970. Why on earth Urban Outfitters thought this was a good idea is a question without an answer.

The shirt (evidently one of a kind) is currently listed as “Sold Out” on UO’s site, and they have issued the weakest possible apology for “any offense [it] may have caused” claiming it was “never [their] intention to allude to the tragic events.” Duly noted, Urban Outfitters …

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