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Wanted: Canadian Authorities Are Looking for Moose-Riding Man Seen in YouTube Video

Officials in Canada are looking for a man seen in a YouTube video jumping onto the back of a moose swimming across a lake. In the video, a group of boaters is seen chasing the moose, before said moose-rider jumps onto its back and rides it for a brief period of time. As this story in Canada’s The Globe and Mail notes, moose law is often unclear in many parts of the country, but British Columbia is taking a strong stance against moose riding. If authorities find the unidentified moose-rider and his boating accomplices, they could face fines up to $100,000. The director of the Animal Alliance of Canada told the paper, “We’re trying to teach people to respect (animals). Care for them, love them, observe them, enjoy them, but don’t harass them and don’t get near them. It sounds like this person who did this should heed that advice” …

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