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Where In the World Is Edward Snowden?

It has been a busy day for Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle-blower whose personal exploits have become more famous than the secrets he leaked and who is currently the world’s most sought-after individual, not to mention the most elusive. After word got out that he had booked a flight from Moscow to Cuba, scores of journalists booked tickets on the same flight to get the scoop. Only, Snowden wasn’t on the flight. He may have never even been in Moscow, but it does seem likely that he’s making his way to Cuba, in hopes of making his way to Ecuador, where fellow secret-spiller Julian Assange has been safely holed up for some time. Venezuela has also been identified as a possible refuge, but there’s no word that Snowden has even applied for asylum there so, for all anyone knows, he could be anywhere. Or nowhere. Or maybe even reading this …

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