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Why Was the Macy’s Parade Confetti Made Out of Classified Documents?

Love a good mystery? Are you a super sleuth? Are you bored? Well, then you might want to help the police force of Long Island determine why, exactly, their classified documents got turned into confetti for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The documents weren’t shredded properly, which means that perfectly legible names, social security numbers, phone numbers and addresses of undercover cops, as well as arrest records and the details of Mitt Romney’s motorcade procession, were fired into the crowds willy-nilly from the parade. Macy’s is swearing they only use bright, colorful confetti (a likely story), and determining the exact source of the confetti is impossible, so everyone is in desperate need of a detective who can figure out just what is going on here. That’s your mission, gumshoes …

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