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A Woman Left Her Husband Because He Wouldn’t Give Up Their Newborn with Down Syndrome

Samuel Forrest and his then-wife were living in Armenia when their first son, Leo, was born. But before Forrest even got a chance to hold his son, doctors told him that Leo had been born with what they called a “real problem”—Down Syndrome.

“They took me in see him,” Forrest recounts. “And I looked at this guy and I said, he’s beautiful—he’s perfect and I’m absolutely keeping him.” But when Forrest went to his wife’s hospital room, he got a surprising reaction. She didn’t want to keep the baby and gave him an ultimatum: it was either her or Leo. Forrest chose Leo, and his wife filed for divorce one week later.

ABC, who reported this story, reached out to both Forrest’s ex-wife and the hospital for comment, but both were cagey with details. Forrest is moving to his native New Zealand with Leo, and launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for his expenses. He was hoping to raise $60,000 for their first year together, and as of this writing, he’s raised almost $240,000. I want to work hard to find out where Leo’s special,” Forrest said. “This little guy is great” …

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