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Wonderful Engineer Stops Train Just Before It Hits a Scruffy Puppy, Saves the Day

Okay, this is just the sort of thing that isn’t supposed to happen. Nobody actually ties an innocent person to the train tracks so that a train will run it over—that’s something that hasn’t happened since the talkies changed the medium and made curly-mustached cacklers a thing of the past. And yet—and yet—here we are, except the innocent person was actually a hapless puppy. The dog’s owner—who suffers from senility—was unaware of the consequences of his actions, and left the poor pup tied to the tracks. Fortunately, the oncoming train was in the hands of Sal Pina, a true hero whose sharp eyes saw a figure leave something behind on the tracks ahead and whose sure hands brought the train to a stop before the puppy could be hurt. He is the unlikeliest of heroes, Mr. Pina, but we are in his debt. The dog, whom the animal shelter has named Banjo, is up for adoption at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus …

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