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World War II Vets Visit the DC Memorial, Shutdown or No Shutdown

World War II vets are among the very finest this nation has to offer. They’ve seen some pretty awful things in their lifetimes, and they’re not about to let something like a “government shutdown” get in the way of their vacation. A few busloads of them took a trip to DC to take a look at the World War II Memorial, but they unfortunately arrived to locked gates and signs informing them that, due to the shutdown, they wouldn’t be able to attend. However, this is still America and these are the people who took down the Third Reich. The whole lot of them (many of them in wheelchairs) stormed right past the gates, “knocking them over,” and marched right into the memorial. Finally, the hapless park employee relented and decided to stay open for the day. Just another reminder that this shutdown doesn’t change the makeup of this country, and that we’ve all got a lot to learn from the Greatest Generation …

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