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You May Soon Be Allowed to Make Phone Calls While Flying

The FCC is set to propose new rules that would allow passengers to make in-flight cell phone calls once the plane reaches 10,000 feet. Though airlines could equip their fleets with the necessary technical upgrades relatively easily, the new rule is facing a different hurdle—etiquette concerns. Southwest, Delta and Virgin America have said that even if the FCC allows in-flight calls, they would probably still prohibit them because customers don’t want to be sitting next to someone talking on their phone for an entire flight. A Delta spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal, that according to “years of customer feedback … the overwhelming sentiment is to continue with a policy that would not allow voice communications while in flight.” Maybe airlines could just take a cue from this restaurant owner, and offer a discount if customers turn off their phones and actually employ the concept of face-to-face conversations …

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