Yes, Lent still matters. But when Lent season actually rolls around, many people remain unsure of what exactly they should give up. Never fear. We at RELEVANT have put together the definitive list of how to handle this season. Feel free to add your recommendations in the comments.


You think everyone needs to read every single thought that comes into your head? Not during Lent they don’t.


Your blogging platform of choice has its uses, but its best use right now is silence.


Put them in the slammer.

Brass Knuckles

You can go a few weeks without them.

Ouija Boards

Back to the game closet with this one.

Now That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 4



Savage Garden, Mandy Moore, Smash Mouth, Train, Blink-182 and others will just have to wait.

Your Post-It Note With Banksy’s True Identity Written On It


You haven’t published it yet. You can wait till Lent is over.

Your Copy of ‘Dunston Checks In’ on DVD

It can sit on the shelf for now.

Big League Chew

Juicy Fruit will will have to do.

Your Pirate Blouse



Pirate blouses aren’t even in season. You’ll be fine.

Your Pirate Treasure

Better to sit on that till the economy stabilizes anyway.

Human Skull Collection

It’ll still be there when Lent is over.


Lots of benefits to this one.

Your Sneaking Suspicion that Susan Wants to Be More Than Just Friends

This is an important question, but it’s not one to entertain during Lent.


There will be time for sleep later.