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More Than Words

More Than Words

The phrase "words are not enough" is a common one these days and is, realistically, quite a silly one. In the land of saps, where philosophical musicians and introspective filmmakers prey on the hopeless romantic within each of us, the phrase may make sense. But in reality, a place where very few people seem to reside lately, it makes no sense at all. Literally speaking, there is nothing more than words. When you speak, you have spoken and that should be the end.

Yet just like the rest of the poor saps, words are not enough to describe how I feel about my best friends, Nathan and Laura. Last night after their wedding reception whilst overlooking the coast of the Spencer Gulf in the picturesque surrounds of Adelaide’s far western beachside suburbs, I came to realize why people use the term so often. Except, I think I’ve made the link between that mysterious spiritual power we try to tame and caption with "more than words" and the real world. It’s love.

Most love, people can explain. There’s romantic love, family love, puppy love, even love that’s blind, but a love that defies explanation that truly is beyond words is what lies behind that mystic turn of phrase "more than words."

The Bible tells us that God is Love. And when you find yourself, in my case a 6 foot 5, 115 kilogram chunk of man, reduced to tears of pure emotion over the marriage of two people who have meant more to your life, sanity and relationships than anyone else in your life for the past three years, you soon learn about the love you cannot explain. That love personifies the heart of God.

Words would never be enough, even for someone naturally expressive such as me, to show Laura and Nathan how much they have meant to me. In them I have found the most amazing inspiration both for faith and relationships. I have no doubt that my relationship with my better half has benefited greatly for the time we have spent with them also. That love, the one that rests just beyond your ability to express it—that is a glimpse of divine love. You should indulge in it as often as you have the chance; it is good for your soul.

Saying I love you / Is not the words I want to hear from you / It’s not that I want you / Not to say, but if you only knew / How easy it would be to show me how you feel / More than words is all you have to do to make it real / Then you wouldn’t have to / say that you love me / ’Cause I’d already know

-From "More Than Words" by Extreme

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