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A Little Bird

A Little Bird

I just want to tell you a little story. It’s a story about life, truth and what God has to offer you. Every situation in our lives has a lesson to be learned if we are keen enough to take notice and willing to learn it. Remember, God’s intention for you is always good.

Life sometimes brings about situations that we don’t always expect nor understand, but become much clearer to us as we are going through them. In the end it always makes sense. Let me explain.

One morning, while I was sleeping, I heard a noise coming from across the room where I was sleeping. It was a faint rustling noise. I awakened to find that a bird had lost its way and ended up in my living room. Well, to be honest, I didn’t know what to do; I was as afraid of the bird as it was of me. However, I knew that we had to get the bird back to its natural environment.

It would have been easy to throw a towel over the bird and to remove it from my home. However, I didn’t want to cause any more harm or frighten the poor thing as it was already scared looking at me. So I sought out to do the next best thing: let it find its own way out.

Now understand, I knew the plan and where I wanted the bird to go. My intention was for the bird to be released back into what it had known. However, I could see that the bird was riddled with fear. The object was to get every thing out of the bird’s way so that he could rejoin his life, his family and friends.

You should have seen it! I went through the house (small apartment) closing every door that would be a trap for the bird and opening every door and window, hoping that the bird would get the clue. It was amazing. This must have gone on for two hours. Nevertheless, my intention was to have the bird free, but on his own volition. Well, as the time continued, I kept a close watch upon the bird, making sure that he did not get trapped. I built staircases for him to climb hoping that he would soon realize it was a way out.

Then the bird got a clue. I had taken the windowpane out of the bedroom window as well as the screen. The bird started moving towards that light. He continued to move towards the light noticing that it was his route to freedom. Now the whole time as I stated before, I was making the way for I knew the path that he needed to take. However, he could not always see me or know that I was there, but I was always for his good.

To make this story shorter than it is, let me just skip right to the chase. One of the most influential turning points in my life happened when the bird finally found its way. I was overcome with joy and tears when the bird finally got upon the windowsill and realized that he was free again!

I remember the feeling I had was so much deeper than joy; it was basically indescribable, but I feel like it’s what God feels when we have found out life’s purpose, passion and path. He rejoices with incredible joy and happiness, just like I did.

When the bird hopped on the windowsill and realized that he was free, he let out the most beautiful song that I had ever heard. Now, we have all heard the birds before, but this one was different. It was indescribable. The bird sang, and my eyes began to fill with tears. My heart filled with joy, and I could not say anything but a thank you. I had realized that my intention and purpose had been fulfilled for the creature.

Why am I telling you this? It’s because that’s how God feels about you. He rejoices when you find your way and the plan for your life. That’s the purpose of life, to find your way and enjoy yourself. What does that mean to enjoy? Simply put, it is to take joy in.

Far too long have people just existed and not accomplished much, but those days are over. God has intended something more. He has intended something beautiful. When your life is finished and you are on your way home, you will look back and see all of the wonderful things that have happened. You will give Him glory. That’s right you will be rejoicing and giving him glory.

So my friends open your hearts and minds and seek to find out what God has in store for you. As Jeremiah tells us its something good, and you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Rejoice in God and be thankful always because as you continue to worship and serve He will lead you into paths of righteousness.

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