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16 Cringeworthy Dating-Themed Sermon Titles

Churches are sometimes accused of being too prudish to talk about sex, and pastors in particular can get a bad rap for dancing around the subject in the pulpit.

That’s a fair critique for a lot of churches but there’s one thing worse than not preaching about sex at all, and that’s preaching about sex in the way of these sermon titles (that we made up) listed below.


Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about purity.

God’s Final Rose

 Six Lessons in Biblical Romance from Season 4 of ‘The Bachelor’

Twin Fawns of a Gazelle 

Why Song of Solomon Wasn’t Actually About Sex, and If It Was, It Was Mostly About How You Should Never Have It. 

Called to Singleness?

How to know it’s time to settle for dating Jesus.


Keeping Intimacy Sin-free Since Everything’s Dangerous

How Far Is Too Far?

Remembering the 3 H’s: Hugs, Handholding and Hell

How to Lose a God in 10 Days:

Losing your faith while dating someone who doesn’t go to, and was not approved by, this church

Bathsheba in the Moonlight:

The dangers of Instagram

50 Shades of Don’t:

Embracing the Freedom of Never Even Thinking About Sex at All

Just One Bite of the Apple?

How forward-facing hugs can be a slippery slope.

Kissers in the Hands of an Angry God:

Physical boundaries in dating.

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