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Dawn. Awake. Crisp. Air. Rested. Birds. Chirp. Dew. Alive. Dog. Out. Run. Newspaper. Coffee. Shower. Sing. Pray. Sing. Shave. Nick. Bagel. Oranges. Wheaties. Kiss. Kids. Lunchboxes. Kiss. School. Briefcase. Commute. Radio. News. Noise. Honk. Reports. Meetings. Coffee. Spill. Laugh. Argue. Create. Confront. Joke. Appointment. Lunch. Sandwich. Salad. Pie. No. Fruit. Office.

Midday. Phone. Conference. Call. Scribble. Email. Fax. Pager. Deadline. Wired. Wireless. Headset. Pace. Wrangle. Buy. Sell. Trade. Tylenol. Interrupt. Call. Home. Smile. Love. Truth. Good. God. Commute. Store. Forget. Return. Store. Traffic. Radio. News. Noise. Horn. Home. Kids. Run. Jump. Play. Wrestle. Laugh. Remember.

Dusk. Crickets. Chirp. Sky. Orange. Breeze. Streetlights. Flicker. Dinner. Family. Laugh. Highchair. Spill. Laugh. Mop. Ice Cream. Yes. Chocolate. Vanilla. Strawberry. Mom. Dad. Walk. Twilight. Talk. Hands. Share. Laugh. Remember. Kids. Bed. Up. Bed. Drink. Bed. Monsters. Bed. Hushed. Quiet. Kisses. Rest. Good. God. Good.

“From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised” (Psalm 113:3 NAS).

Even Deeper: Write a few words that describe the flow of your day. How can these lead you to worship God?

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Prayer: God of the rising and the setting sun, I want to experience you in the midst of the day, throughout it, intertwined with it. Don’t allow me to be content to just give you portions of it. I want all of You in all of me.


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