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Pocket Guide to the Bible

Just a quick note. My most recent Relevant book, Pocket Guide to the Bible (2006), is no longer available from the Relevant Store. That’s because I own all of them in existence. Really. All of them. It’s kind of a long story — you can read it here, if you want — but the upshot is that I now own NINE-THOUSAND AND FIFTY THREE copies of PGTTB.

And because that’s way too many copies of the same book for one person to own, I’m selling them. For cheap. REALLY cheap.

Signed individual copies are $6.99 (compare to $11.99 list price).

Signed copies in bulk (48 or more) are just $3.99. Yep…I’ll sign every last one of them. Great for youth or college ministers, church giveaways, graduate gifts, ministry promotions, etc.

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Those are some crazy delicious prices, folks. Buy them with Paypal and credit card at blog.jasonboyett.com.

OK. Shameless personal shilling is over. Have a nice weekend.

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