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Today’s Devotional: God Interruptions

Today’s Devotional: God Interruptions

As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:9)

I was sitting in my car today frustrated, impatient and insecure. It seems that there are moments of my life that exist exclusively in the “I’m not cutting it today” bubble. I think all of us experience this bubble of reality in which we look at how we are acting, reacting, loving, thinking, etc., and we think to ourselves, That’s not me. I didn’t do that right. That’s not what I am trying to say. That’s not who I want people to think I am. If you have never thought this way, you don’t exist.

So in my “I’m not cutting it today” bubble I sat, hand on my head, wishing the guy in front of me would realize that we were on a highway and that meant the speed limit was over 35 m.p.h. And then time froze. It was like God’s grace manifested itself in my car.

I had put in a CD a few moments earlier that had some songs of worship to God on it. This wasn’t a spiritual move on my part to try to get in good with God or somehow work myself out of a bad mood, I just happen to like the guitar part on some of the songs. But through the music and the lyrics of the artist, God intersected me. He cut into my seemingly thick “I’m not cutting it today” bubble and reminded me of who He was. When who God is intersects our realities, it leaves us frozen. All the spinning screams of our mind stop, and suddenly we are still. I am so glad that God chose to intersect my bubble today. I didn’t ask for it. But the living God, my God, is a God of pursuit. He is not passive. How many times do I forget throughout the day that He is hunting me? How many times do I forget that He is longing through love, passion, death, life, art, pain, people, philosophy and the supernatural to interrupt my life?

Some of these interruptions are more noticeable than others. For example: If I was walking down the street and looked up at the sky, and written in the clouds was, “Andrew, remember I love you. —God,” that would be a fairly obvious interruption. But what about the times in the frustration of your bubble that you see a sunset and it brings you peace? Or the times when I don’t think there can be a genuine person left in the world, and the cashier at the grocery store gives me that contagious smile, and it rebuilds my faith in humanity.

God’s interruptions pull us closer to understanding Him, and understanding our journey with Him. They remind us that though we are not cutting it, He is. And He always has been. And hopefully, they remind us that we really aren’t that big of losers after all. Remember His grace as you go throughout your days.

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Today’s Prayer

Lord, thank you for stepping into my life in the way you do. Give me more moments where you interrupt me and make your presence known. 

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