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A Church Is Refusing to Display This Couch-Shaped, NFL-Themed Tombstone

St. Joseph Catholic Church in North Vernon, Indiana has a century-old graveyard that has served as a final resting place for all sorts, but no one quite like Jason Carr. Carr was a great lover of the Indianapolis Colts and NASCAR, which he watched from his favorite couch so, when he passed away, his widow commissioned a tombstone fit for Carr’s hobbies: couch-shaped, and decorated with the logos of NASCAR and the Colts.

But Reverend Jonathan Meyer, the church’s priest, drew the line, saying he “did not think a granite couch was an appropriate monument in our historic cemetery.” Now, Mrs. Carr is suing the church, her father-in-law is standing his ground (“I’m told the controversy is splitting the church apart, tearing it in half,” he told reporters. “But I guess that’s what has to be done.”) And Rev. Meyer is standing by his decision, saying “Our culture breaks all the rules to make people feel good. Faithful Christians know rules and regulations are set up so there can be good for everyone” …

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