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Here Are the Most Popular Things People Are Giving Up for Lent This Year

Lent begins Wednesday, March 6. Tomorrow. Did you remember? Well, in case you didn’t, you can always copy what everyone else was doing. OpenBible.info has analyzed a bunch of tweets about Lent to figure out what the most popular sacrifices and changes are this year. Some of the results may surprise you. Others? Classic Lent move.

Just like past years, food and beverages are the most popular categories of abstention, while other vices like technology or cigarettes are close behind. Social networking, Twitter and alcohol were specific frontrunners after an early data collection. (h/t Christianity Today)

Last year, social networking was the number one response among people asked what they were giving up for Lent. The biggest increase from last year to this year is, oddly, plastics. Perhaps we have Marie Kondo to thank?

Among denominations, Catholics are the most likely to give something up for Lent (61 percent say they do) while about a quarter of all Americans will honor this portion of the liturgical calendar.

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