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Report: A Hispanic Evangelical Group Is Offering to Provide Shelter to Migrant Children

As outrage mounts over the reportedly dire conditions of migrant detention facilities at the southern border, at least one Christian group is reportedly mounting a massive effort to do something about it. According to Religion News Service, Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, is planning a huge campaign to provide aid and shelter to migrant children in overcrowded border facilities.

It’s being called “For His Children” and, it will provide “shipments and cargo and truckloads of resources to the border,” according to Rodriguez. Shoes, clothing, soap and other items children are migrant reportedly short on will be part of the effort, as will shelter or foster homes for children.

It’s not clear whether the Trump administration will work with the NHCLC. RNS reporter Jack Jenkins tweeted that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the department most likely to oversee such efforts, had not responded to request for comment. There have been reports of border patrol officials refusing donations for detention centers, and the NHCLC has not yet secured official permission to work with immigration efforts.

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“In the mean time the churches will provide the necessary basic necessities and we are opening up churches to accommodate just in case the detention centers cannot hold the children or their families,” a spokesperson told RNS in an email. “The church becomes a temporary housing facility for those seeking asylum or coming over the border undocumented and were captured in the process.”

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