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Study: Churchgoers Are Really Good at Inviting Friends to Attend

LifeWay has released the findings of a new study that found that almost two thirds of churchgoers—in this case, individuals who attend mainline Protestant or nondenominational churches—have invited a friend or family member to attend in the last six months.

LifeWay Research Executive Director Scott McConnell explained to Christianity Today that a calendar full of Christian holidays provides a lot of opportunities for church invitations: “It’s a fairly easy thing for churchgoers to do. In any six-month stretch, there are major Christian holidays and often other special events that are perfect occasions for churchgoers to invite friends and acquaintances.”

There were some interesting breakdowns on denominational lines. Members of Assemblies of God or other Pentecostal churches were the most likely to invite people to church (71 percent), followed by non-denominational churchgoers (69 percent), Lutherans (55 percent) and Methodist (53 percent).

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