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The First Audio Bible Voiced Entirely by Women Is Here

Courage for Life is an organization out to “strengthen, equip and empower the world for Christ” led by a Bible teacher named Ann White. White has spent a lot of time working in prisons, teaching inmates about the Bible and it was those experiences that helped convince White that it was time for an audio Bible voiced entirely by women.

The initial reason for the project, White explains in an interview with Christianity Today, is that many women White works with had been abused by men. Courage for Life figured that an audio Bible read by women would be helpful for women with painful experiences attached to men, and were shocked to find that no such audio Bible existed. So they made their own.

The Courage for Life Bible was recorded by a group of 12 different women from diverse backgrounds, and White decided to use the New Living Translation for the project. The New Testament was completed last year and Courage for Life just recently completed the Old Testament. You can listen to the whole thing for free via an app — handy since many prisons are starting to offer tablets to inmates.

There’s a little documentary on the group’s website about the making of the video, which you can watch below.

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