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Under The Umbrella

Under The Umbrella

For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God. (Deuteronomy 4:24)

I hate rain. Rain really ruins everything. Picnics, driving, walking—you can’t do anything when it’s raining. You get trapped indoors and have to read, watch television or clean the house. Even in elementary school, they would cancel recess, and we would have to play bingo or heads up seven up.

Rainy days only get worse when you get older because it’s not just about the rain anymore. Now it’s all about your achy joints, or how much the grass is going to grow before the weekend. Let’s not even talk about how you have to fight the crazies on the highway who don’t seem to understand that you’re supposed to drive five miles per hour slower in torrential downpours. Let’s face it—kids might hate rain, but adults hate it even more.

In fact, the only people I know who like rain seem to be lovers. Oh, you know the ones. Those mushy couples that squish together real close under the umbrella. Goodness, some even forget the umbrella altogether and chase each other kicking the puddles and laughing! What is it about lovers that make them so excited to see the rain coming?

Yeah, that’s easy. Lovers look at rain differently than the average person. They see it as a chance to dance. They see the chance to get closer. Sometimes they don’t see the rain at all. They just see their love.

Now the question lingers: Why can’t I get myself to see the rainy season in my life as a chance to squish under the umbrella with God? Why is it that I start pouting when I see the clouds on the horizon? Hasn’t rain always been God’s way of getting us back to the shelter of His arms? When the forecast of our lives is clear, we can handle it, but we can’t get through storms and rain without God. When lightning strikes all around me, do I hold more tightly to the Lover of my soul, or do I run around flailing my arms as though I were alone? And most importantly, when the rain falls heavy on everyone, are there people passing by who smile at the beauty of my lover and me dancing?

Rain really is a true test of what matters to us. When we see storms coming, do we get worried about our hair or our clothes? In my life, am I worried about how this storm will affect my image among other people in the Church? Am I afraid that they will comment on how disrespectful I am of my relationship with God? To think of the mighty jealous God as the Lover of your soul … preposterous! Am I worried that God won’t really be there to hold me—that He’ll only keep the umbrella over Himself? Or am I so desperately in love with God that I will throw all common sense out the window and dance?

Dig Deeper:

Exodus 34:10-14

Isaiah 54:9-13

Today’s Prayer:

Dear Father, hank you for always giving a light for me to follow. I want to follow after you always. I never want to stray off the path with You. Keep me under your protection, forever and ever. 

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