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The Psalm Of Creation

The Psalm Of Creation

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made. (Romans 1:20)

In this time of cultural divides, of Christians who reject Christ, of corrupt clergymen, of government-as-religion and endless sermons of cynics and atheists – in all this confusion, it’s easy to lose sight of the simple fact that God just is. Independent of apostate nations, terrorism, troubled what-ifs and tortured but-whys, the Ancient of Days is here, now, resting upon you as you read these words. You need only look outside, and you will see that this universe was created to dance around one name – YHWH.

Praise Him, sun and moon. You will see the great light that warms this Earth with its million-mile fire, its ancient core that forms light, is light and is the source of all light, without which no creature would have heat. In the evening you will see the lesser light, that body of cratered dust which, for all its scars and gaping ruptures, is reborn as a thing of glowing brilliance when it reflects the shine of the sun’s greater flame.

Praise Him, all you shining stars. As night falls you will see the unveiling of supernovas and constellations, those glimmering shards of glory which are there, always, though hidden by smog and stratosphere, waiting to be gazed upon and sung about. You will see them and think, “The stars were here long before I drew my first breath, and they will be here long after my last, fixed in their paths.”

Praise Him, you highest heavens and you waters above the skies. You will see clouds composed of water, majestic canopies which rupture and shatter. And in their shattering, rain descends and the earth is renewed. You will see this and wonder, “A giant cloud pours itself out to nothing, and blades of grass are nourished below.”

Praise the LORD, wind and hail, stormy winds that do His bidding. You will see the fury of nature – hurricanes carving wrath across islands, typhoons laying waste to the monuments of man, storms that level the rich and the poor. You see the debris of hubris, and in its wake you see plants blooming in the wasteland, colors sprouting from the graveyards of our best-laid plans.

These things are signs, reflections, reminders — imperfect in their mortality but indisputable in their testimony. They are unworthy of worship, but in their various posts they bear witness to One who is worthy, One for whom galaxy upon galaxy of praises are not enough. The Light of Lights, in Whom we clumps of dust find our worth; the Faithful Star, Who remains true and beautiful behind our veils of doubt; the Mighty Thundercloud, Who pours Himself out so we might live; the Untamed Wind, Who wreaks blight so that birth might follow. He is all this … and still He is our Father, our Friend, our Lover, our King.

So, in your distress and sorrow, you need only look around. Consider how all things sing to the Most High – then fall to your knees, and talk to your Creator.

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Today’s Prayer:

Dear Father, You created all things. You are in control of all things. Even when my world seems turned upside down, you are leading me on a straight path. I trust You, Lord. 

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