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A Psalm

A Psalm

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day. (Genesis 1:31)

I praise you, Lord God, that You are the great artist and that creation is Your canvas. As a painter steps back and sighs in contentment at his finished work, so You delight in the beauty You have created by Your good pleasure.

I see how You have carved the valleys out of the mountains like a sculptor. Each crevice and cliff has a place in Your grand design, and as I look down upon Your work, I see that each crevice and cliff creates a breathless scene. Every waterfall that flows down from the mountains replenishes Your work. I stand at the bottom of the rushing waters and feel the cool mist upon my face. I see dozens of rainbows before the falls and agree that Your creation is good.

I stand at the base of the granite peaks, in wonder of their mass. I grow aware of how small I am compared to the Creator and Artist. I wonder how You can ever notice me in the vastness of Your work?

I hear music You make in the roar of the waterfalls, in the bird’s song, in the hush of the breeze through the green meadows and most of all in the silence.

I love the colors of the flowers You created. Many artists try to capture the hues You have mixed, but none compare with Your design. You have saved Your most beautiful colors for the sunset, painting the gray, rocky peaks in their shades.

I believe You greatly rejoice in bathing Your creation with the light of the moon. You take pleasure in my gaping over the beauty. I know You have created the multitude of stars, hanging them in place.

I see this art and am drawn to the Artists. It is He who formed the masterpiece, and it is He who holds it together. And I cannot help but praise the Creator.

Dig Deeper:

Revisit the account of creation in Genesis 1, 2. Take some time to go to the mountains, the beach or even a park in your town, and spend time praising God for His creation.


I thank You, Lord, that Your beauty is all around me. Help me to see the works of Your hand.

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