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As Expected, Billboard Goading Atheists Garners Thoughtful, Meaningful Dialogue from Other Billboards

Last week, the organization Answers in Genesis made national headlines after unveiling a new digital billboard in Times Square that reads, “To all of our atheists friends: Thank God you’re wrong” (along with a URL to their website). Answers founder Ken Ham said that the billboard was a response to another billboard placed by atheists last Christmas that featured Santa and Jesus, encouraging passers by to “keep the merry, dump the myth.”

Now, the group, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has purchased the same Time Square space, and placed an ad that adds this thought-provoking nugget to the already meaningful, nuanced dialogue taking place on billboards that costs thousands of dollars a day: “OMG, there is no god!” Clearly, the thoughtful exchange through sarcastic billboards is converting hearts and minds by answering the deep intellectual and spiritual questions of those searching for faith, and is not just the equivalent of an expensive, high profile Twitter shouting match …

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