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How Americans Rank the Morality of Adultery, Abortion, Tax Cheating, Homosexuality and More

CNN recently released the results of a public opinion poll in which they asked more than 1,000 Americans if they thought eight specific actions were wrong. Adultery was most commonly agreed upon as a transgression, with 93% of those who answered saying it was “morally wrong.” “Cheating on your taxes” came in second with 90% of the votes, ahead of “having an abortion” (57%), “engaging in homosexual behavior” (50%), viewing porn (46%), smoking pot (35%), “living with someone when you’re not married” (32%) and drinking (16%). The survey also compared how Americans answered the exact same questions back in 1987. Even then, adultery and cheating on taxes led the list, but were followed by homosexual behavior with 82% of the vote. Another notable change was how the view on living together before marriage differed: in the ‘80s, 54% of those asked believed it was immoral. The survey offers an interesting look at how moral standards have evolved and changed in the last two decades in American society. However, in both decades, it would be agreed upon that Ted Beneke is a really bad person …

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