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How Generous Are You?

I’m currently working on an article and need your help. The assignment is to answer these questions: How do we make generous living part of our everyday lives? What does a lifestyle of generosity — whether it involves giving financially or giving of your time and expertise — look like?

I want to tell the stories of some single adults (yep, it’s for a singles magazine) who have adopted a “generous living” mindset and are committed to living their lives that way.

So, how do you try to incorporate generosity into your life? Are you someone who makes a deliberate effort to live a generous life? Or do you know someone who is a great example of generosity? If so, please comment below.

Note: I realize that leaving a comment like…

Hey, my name is Jason and I’m a really generous person. You should totally write your article about ME! Also, I’m handsome and an above-average dancer.

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…is not exactly the kind of thing you want to post in public. But I really would like to know your story. If you are single and are committed to generous living, please cast aside your humility and send me an email: jb [at] jasonboyett.com.

Thanks for your help!

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