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The Latest Hipster Trend in Brooklyn: Witchcraft

Newsweek has posted this disturbing story about the rise of a new trend among twentysomethings that live in trendy Brooklyn neighborhoods: sorcery. According to the story, black magic, tarot readings and séances are becoming so popular that an NYU professor told the magazine the area is experiencing “an occult revival.” The article says that because “Millennials are the least religious generation in history,” the appeal of a spiritual system without specific rules has a unique charm. And, because of the “postrecession anxiety” experienced by many twentysomethings, the story suggests witchcraft offers a sense of empowerment. NYU professor Jesse Bransford told Newsweek that black magic “has always been a technique of the disenfranchised.” Though some of its practitioners don’t take the activities too seriously, the story says that growing numbers of Millennials involved in the occult represents a real trend …

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