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The Most Cringeworthy Christian T-Shirts of All Time

If you’ve ever been to a Christian music festival or were a member of a youth group in the late-’90s, then you are likely no stranger to Christian T-shirts. They typically incorporate some sort appropriated logo of a well-known product, possibly a Bible verse reference and always one of the worst dad jokes you’ve ever heard.

The pun game of Christian T-shirt designers literally had no limits.

We asked you, our readers, to send us the most cringeworthy Christian T-shirts you’ve ever seen or owned, and you did not disappoint. Here’s a look at some of our favorites.


Ancient Mystery


A Deep Cut

Copyright Notice

Blue-Collar Comedy

I Believe I Can Fly

Proud to Be Your Bud

In Our Top 8



The Gun Show

Something to Think About

The Confession

The Evangelist

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