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Propaganda on ‘I Am Second’: ‘Be Willing to Risk Name and Reputation for the Sake of Pursuing Love’

Rapper and artist Propaganda recently participated in his I Am Second video.

He talked about how he grew up, his career, police brutality, anxiety and how he wants Christians worldwide to be known.

On the lack of Christian response to police brutality:

“I think there was a deep wailing that came out of me. Why does this not hit my brother or my sister at a soul level that it hits me? Why don’t you see an image bearer?”

In the 4-minute video, he makes it clear that Christians should take care of others above all.

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“What a world we would live in if all they could say about Christians is those fools don’t care they just take care of folks.”

“Be willing to risk name and reputation for the sake of pursuing with reckless abandon, love. Because that’s what we saw Jesus do.”

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