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Reasons I Have Not Blogged

“Where have you been? Where did you go? Why haven’t you done any Releblogging since, like, the Clinton administration?” Thanks for asking. I will now give you a list of possible explanations, justifications, and/or excuses for my absence. Your job is to choose the right one. The correct answer will be posted, most likely, during the next Clinton administration. Or the Obama administration. Or the Giuliani administration. (Let’s not yet take sides.)

A: Installing Christmas lights at home. Ladder fell. Stuck on roof.

B: Horrible Thanksgiving accident involving turkey, sweet potatoes, melted marshmallows, and a leaf blower.

C: Trying to stop the Shanti virus from being unleashed on the world.

D: Hard to find time with all the shopping.

E: That pesky Intersect is eating up all my free time. And brain cells.

F: Busy casting ballots for Helio Castroneves, against Marie Osmond.

G: I just bought five yolk of oxen and need to test them. I pray thee have me excused.

See Also

H: Embracing my newfound addiction to the sport and art of parkour.

I: Building a pillow-and-bedsheet fort in living room.

So…take your pick.

The more important question is this: Where have you been? Also: How are things? Do share.

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