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Rich Wilkerson Jr. Forgives People Who Stole His Car, Offers Them an Internship at His Church

Last week, Vous Church pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. had his car stolen. Fortunately, it was found a few days later. But in an Instagram video, Wilkerson addressed the individuals who stole his car (who have not been caught) and offered his forgiveness.


He also invited them to church and even offered them a three-month internship. 

“Whoever you are that took our car, we think there’s about three of you,” he said. “I want to let you know, ‘We love you, we’re for you and thank you for leaving it somewhere that we could find it’ …  I want you to come to Vous Church. And if you come to the 10 or 12:15 service, come to the front afterward and just say, ‘Hey, I was the one that Rich was challenging. I was a part of that incident.’”

Wilkerson said that he forgives the three individuals and that he wouldn’t be pressing charges. 

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“I think you can take this really bad thing that happened, we could turn into a good thing,” he said. 

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