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‘Sundays Are the Worst’ Website Encourages Christians to Tip Better

Christians unfortunately have developed a reputation has being bad tippers, but one pastor is trying to change that. Pastor Chad Roberts of Preaching Christ Church in Tennessee recently launched a site called “Sundays Are the Worst” which lets waiters, servers and restaurant industry workers post their own stories about getting bad tips from the post-church customers on Sunday afternoons. He explains on the site, “We knew there was a huge disconnect between the serving community and the church crowd on Sundays. Because there are many servers who attend our church, we began asking ourselves, ‘What can we do to begin a dialogue with the serving community? How can we let them know that not all Christians are like this?’” His church then issues an apology to all of the servers who post on the site and enters them in a drawing to win a gift card. The campaign, which launched last week, wraps on Easter Sunday, a day that Pastor Roberts is encouraging Christians to tip double …

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