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Tim Keller Just Wrote a ‘New Yorker’ Piece About Whether ‘Evangelicalism Can Survive Trump and Roy Moore’

Redeemer Presbyterian Church founder and renowned Bible teacher Tim Keller has posted a new article for The New Yorker that asks the question, “Can evangelicalism survive Donald Trump and Roy Moore?”

It’s a stirring and challenging read.

The piece looks at recent changes about what kinds of candidates Christians will support, and the dramatic changes within evangelicalism. He writes, “People who once called themselves the ‘Moral Majority’ are now seemingly willing to vote for anyone, however immoral, who supports their political positions.”

He also digs into the term “evangelicalism” itself, and why it is shifting:

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The movement may abandon, or at least demote, the prominence of the name, yet be more committed to its theology and historic impulses than ever. Some predict that younger evangelicals will not only reject the name but also become more secular.


Keller remains one of the most respected voices in modern evangelicalism, and his insight into its shifting culture and ideas are certainly worth considering.

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