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Uh, a Vial of Pope John Paul II’s Blood Was Maybe Stolen by Satanists?

Somedays, you write the headlines. Other days, the headlines write themselves. Today is the latter, as a very creepy tale of theft is emerging from a tiny church in the mountains of Italy. Evidently, this church was holding on to a bit of Pope John Paul II’s blood that was spilled after an attempted assassination in 1981. Except that the vial has gone missing and Giovanni Panunzio, head of an Italian anti-occult organization called Osservatorio Antiplagio [ed note: wow.] thinks that Satanists may be to blame, as this is a time of year in which they do their most sinister work. Sounds awfully X-Files-y, but police are taking it pretty seriously. They’re currently combing the mountains for clues …

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